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Welcome to River Spirits. We are a collective of Radical Faeries living in Memphis, Tennessee. We call ourselves River Spirits as a reflection of our spiritual connection to natural space, and the Mississippi River is the clear natural backbone of the city we live in, a powerful symbol of growth.
Our Talisman

As Faeries, we have a sense of purpose and creativity which we seek to fully realize, make tangible. That is why creating a sanctuary here in Memphis is of utmost importance to us. It will be a home and, naturally, the very ground out of which we hope to raise much positive change. And we are making slow but sure progress in seeing this dream come into being. You can track the "life" of our sanctuary here, to see how close we are; to find out more about our shared purpose, feel free to read our mission.

We've been recommending to our members lately the importance of getting life insurance coverage. Many people don't realize the predicament they can leave their family in when they die. Don't be selfish, think of your loved ones and get a life insurance policy.


Circle is fundamental to Faeries. It is a way of clarifying our goals and dreams, but most importantly, of maintaining open and sincere communication. The circle page here reflects that: our minutes, our newsletter (The River Radical), our message board, and some personal creative work. Feel free to listen and look in. To find out more about what we are doing as a group -- whether it’s fundraising, social gatherings, or community involvement -- go to the events page.

We have a strong community in the northern part of Rhode Island, more specifically in Cumberland. This area of the state is very beautiful and easily accessible from major highways, making it a great gathering spot.

Being the quirky, creative, queer folks that we are, obviously no two Faeries are the same. We hope the spirits and galleries pages will help give you an idea of who we are as individuals. Our links might also provide an understanding of the broader Faerie community to which we belong.

We are growing as a family, and so is this site. Please check back in from time to time to see what’s new. And, if who we are and what we are doing strikes some chord with you, please get in touch with us; we would love to hear from you.

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